Fullspectrum converted Fujifilm X-E3 camera body /

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780,00 EUR

This is a Fujifilm X-E3 mirrorless camera body, Fullspectrum converted. Using this camera we can get photographic results similars to Kodak Ektachrome EIR film. Fujifilm X-E3 features: 24MP mid-level APS-C mirrorless camera, designed as a smaller, more touchscreen-driven sister model to the SLR-like X-T20. 24MP APS-C sensor with X-Trans color filter, Improved AF tracking, Wi-Fi with Bluetooth for constant connection to a smartphone, Shutter speed and exposure comp dials, Twin clickable command dials, AF Joystick, 4K (UHD) video at 30, 25, 24 and 23.97p, USB Charging. For sale is camera body, one battery, body cap, charger, neck strap and printed instructions. The camera is new and will come with all original accessories in the original box. This camera simulate perfectly the results possible using the Kodak Ektachrome EIR film. But with more control over the final results. “Full – Spectrum” is by far, the most versatile camera conversion. The internal low – pass filter is replaced with a clear optical quality glass allowing all light radiations to be recorded by the digital sensor. From UV (around 380nm) to Full – Color (590 – 665nm) up to IR zone. This way with a single camera, we have available all the conversions and their specific photographic results. The most interesting filters used on a “Full – Spectrum” camera are: Super Color “Goldie” 590nm, Pinkie 630nm, Enhanced Color 665nm, Super Blue – in camera Faux Color, Infrared “classic” 720nm. Camera works perfect, and it is as in pictures. The focus has been adjusted and tested. With camera, I will provide a detailed points to follow to get best results for the first time using channel mixer. This way we can obtain stunning almost black and white or false color as in gallery. I have experience with different cameras conversion and I personally take pictures with each cameras I convert to be sure they are in perfect order. Please ask if you have questions. More images are in these galleries: https://www.flickr.com/photos/florin_mihai/albums Thank you!

Delivery: 1-2 business days
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This camera is converted for taking full-spectrum infrared IR photos. The camera is new, in perfect working order and looks as in pictures. Camera will come with all original accessories: one battery, charger, body cap, neck strap and printed instructions in the original box.