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Few ready to ship, infrared converted cameras.

What is it a converted camera?

A normal camera (any brand) have in front of the sensor, a series of filters that allow only the visible spectrum to pass to the digital sensor.

A normal camera can’t take infrared pictures without a very long exposure, noise and blur.

To get clean and sharp, handheld through the viewfinder images in infrared, a camera need conversion. The internal series of blocking filters should be removed with an infrared filter.

The second important step is re-calibrate the autofocus system. This is done using the specialised service tools. After this the camera is ready to shoot images in infrared spectrum.

This in a nutshell, involves converting a camera for infrared photography.

HOYA R72 Filter (Infrared) on a Full Spectrum Modified Camera

Collins Ryàn - L'artiste, Global Ambassador for Kenko, Global Brand Ambassador for Kenko-Tokina write an extensive article about Working With HOYA R72 Filter (Infrared) on a Full Spectrum Modified Camera.

That camera was converted by me and received a good review on this extensive article:

Nikon IR720nm converted camera
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